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¬ Welcome to the Timberweave website. Timberweave is a revolutionary type of fence that mimics the look of bent, woven larch lap fencing, but with a considerably more robust build. This is a fence that will outlast the traditional timber woven fences currently available, several times over...

¬ Most current woven fences are constructed from thinly sawn and bent larch or pine boards. These are normally sold in panel form and are invariably very flimsy, weak structures that often blow over in high winds. Timberweave fencing is built using pre-formed wavy rails of timber 30mm thick, locked into place with substantial, vertical, 50mm posts. The heavier sections of timber give a much stronger structure with a long lifespan.

¬ Timberweave also has great visual impact due to the thickness of the components and the depth of the completed fence. The sort of visual impact that woven willow and hazel panels can create, but with a far longer lifespan and greater strength than willow or hazel.

¬ Timberweave fences can be assembled in styles that require little in the way of nails or screws to hold the fence together. Most of the styles are inherently self-supporting and will, by nature of the design, lock themselves together structurally.

¬ The fence is of a modular construction and, as such, it is comparatively simple and straightforward to put together. The fence components can be supplied in 'flat pack' form for the creatively inclined to put together themselves. Alternatively, a team of skilled fence erectors can be recommended by Timberweave.

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Timberweave is a branch of Chainsaw Sculpture Ltd.


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