Mick Burns, the guiding force behind Timberweave, has spent most of the last 30years as a large scale wood sculptor. Generally referred to as a Chainsaw Carver. His background is in commercial forestry and training.


Timberweave stands as a testament to innovation in fencing, sparked by Mick Burns' visionary creation of woven timber fencing panels for the Woodland Trust.

Inspired by the need for a distinctive and elegant solution, Mick's original woven panels adorned Woodhenge at Goltho Woods, Lincolnshire, encircling a large circular table with bench seats.

Using only a chainsaw, Mick meticulously crafted each component before seamlessly assembling them into a mesmerising woven pattern, setting a precedent for a style unseen in the market.

Recognising the absence of a comparable fence panel on the market, Mick Burns, through Chainsaw Sculpture Ltd., introduced Timberweave, revolutionising the industry.

With a commitment to excellence, Timberweave offers discerning individuals and landscaping businesses a unique, architecturally striking, and high-class fencing solution. The woven style, born from Mick's artistic vision, extends beyond fences to enrich other facets of construction and furniture.

Timberweave stands not only as a symbol of artistic ingenuity but as a patented, cutting-edge solution in the world of fencing and design.

Timberweave isn't just a fence; it's a statement of elegance and architectural innovation.