This was an early bench experimenting with a woven timber back. The woven component was not cut on a specialised sawbench, but cut freehand. The purpose was to test the public reaction to woven timber that was not steam bent or woven from thin slats.

A Wavy Bench

This bench is built from the waveform components sawn on the specialised sawbench. It is exploring the varied use to which these components can be put. The bench back has a double curve. The bench seat echoes the same curve but is in a horizontal plane. Bench length is 2000mm Height of seat 500mm.

Wavy bench 2

Built from the waveform components once again. This time the seat is made to exploit the wave giving two troughs to sit in. The back echoes this wave but is flat to lean against.  Bench 2000mm long, seat 450mm high at low point