Open Weave

Our robust Timberweave transforms the classic look of, woven larch lap fencing into a powerhouse of durability, outlasting traditional timber woven fences several times over.

Upright Weave

 Our fences are made up of pre-formed 30mm thick wavy timber rails secured by sturdy 50mm vertical posts, no more flimsy structures that succumb to the wind; our fence stands tall with unparalleled depth and impact.

Close / Open Weave

Whether you choose our 'flat pack' option for a DIY project or opt for our recommended skilled fence erectors, Timberweave redefines simplicity and sophistication in fencing innovation. Welcome to a new era of enduring style and strength!

Embrace the DIY spirit with our 'flat pack' option or let Timberweave connect you with skilled fence erectors for a seamless installation.
Your vision, your fence, your way!