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Wavy Fencing

For this style of fencing the waveform units are turned 180 degrees to create a completely different type of fence panel. They are not used as woven components, instead are used to display the ornamental qualities of the wave. Rather as a background canvas. 

This example is built using applied flat sculptures (foxes, tree branch and grass) to brace the structure and strengthen it. 

The numbers of wavy rails are optional, they can be increased if desired. 

Main panel 3000mm long by 1200mm high.

Playing Foxes

Owl and Wheat Scene

A different theme, flying owl and wheat.

Section of fencing in a clients garden mounted on Duraposts. Fern and Snowdrop theme.

Wall Panels

This panel is on an owl theme

These lightweight panels are intended for wall hanging, light fence, trellis, screen etc. The thickness at the edge of the panel is 50mm, so will fit in the groove of a standard "H" section fence post. 

Moon Gazing Hare

This panel is a standard 1830mmhigh (6ft) by 1000mm wide. The owl panel is 1200mm high (4ft) by 1000mm wide. These panels can be supplied without the carved components for use as plain trellis etc.


Normally gates are cross braced using a diagonal spar to keep them square. This would spoil the look of the wavy gates. Instead a steel wire is used with a turnbuckle hidden behind a feature.