Horizontal open weave

This style is similar to the preceding close weave. The horizontal rails are spaced by around one rail width from each other. These are 75mm by 30mm rails, 50mm by 50mm upright posts spaced 500mm apart.


Upright Picket Weave 

The rails are now in a vertical position creating a very robust picket style fence. If pointed, the fence is very challenging to climb over partly due to the slight flexing of the topmost portion of the pickets. This fence was a replacement for a 1m high concrete panel fence. The original concrete posts were in good condition so were used to slot in new 6 foot long woven panels. 

The upright picket weave fence can only be made up of separate panels of up to 3m long. The component parts lend themselves well to fitting with standard  "H" posts commonly supplied for other fencing. A panel can be from 300mm to 3000mm long. The pickets can be from 50mm to 100mm wide. The weave can also include spacing between the pickets. The pickets are normally cut to shape at the top after weaving.

Upright Picket Weave

This example is of another upright picket weave fence, in 6 foot long panels supported on oak posts. 

The top profile of the fence panel is cut in an arch and is approx. 1500mm high at its highest point.  

75mm by 30mm pickets.

This is a model of a proposed oblique woven fence. To date, yet to be erected. It shows both open and closed weave styles.